What a disaster!

posted by: Amanda

What to pick… What to pick… What to pick…


If you Google “PR disasters”, get ready to do some reading and sorting.  For the sake of just picking one, here are Ten of the Biggest Social Media PR Disasters. Some of these, we have already covered in class. Below are the newbies.

Perhaps this is just a giant advertisement for COMM 4670 Strategic Crisis Communication because each of these situations sound AWFUL for a company to have to handle.  To be honest, I never want to have to deal with any of them.

BTW, Heapes, why isn’t Crisis Comm available in the fall??

Taco Bell
Local news stations received an anonymous tip about rats in a local Taco Bell location.  They responded and so did the consumers.

Whole Foods
A real-life lesson against trolling.  The link above provides some insight but this NY Times article from 2007 goes a little deeper.

Offered to pay people 65 cents for each 100 percent positive review left on review sites.  Because it is authentic and ethical.  Here’s more.

A D.C. man needed some help with his router so he called Comcast to send a technician to his home.  This is what happened:

Well, apparently, Dell Lies and Dell Sucks. After Jeff Jarvis purchased a new Dell laptop, things did not go as they should.  And so he told the world.

Johnson & Johnson and the American Red Cross
This one bores me. Basically, J&J were being big babies.

To generate buzz about their products, Asus created a blog competition.  X amount of bloggers would get a kit of products, blog about them and then voters would pick the best blog.  The writer of said blog would get to keep said products.  Gavyn Britton won by popular vote but Asus suddenly changed the rules after the votes were counted and picked THEIR favorite blogger.  Dumb. But wait! According to this poorly written article:
“Unfortunately, during the voting process, Electric Pig became aware that the voting system had become susceptible to a person (or people) looking to unfairly influence the outcome of the vote,” Asus spinner John Swatton told us. “One of the bloggers received in excess of 800 votes, all generated from the same IP address,” he added, but stopped short of pointing a finger at Gavyn Britton’s mum. And that for compensation for the whole debacle, Asus awarded all the other bloggers an Eee PC 1000H (an upgrade from the original Eee PC 900 prize).

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