Stalkin’ folks on the ‘ol Facebook

To me, the phrase “social media monitoring” sounds like an official way to say “stalking people on Facebook”.

SOCIAL MEDIA = Facebook, Twitter, Etc.

MONITORING = Watching, observing….STALKING ??

And that might or might not be the case.

Courtesy of the textbook, below is a five-step approach to efficiently and effectively find relevant content on the social web via tracking:  (how to look stuff up well!)

1. Choose Focus Area
It is necessary to track an organization as well as its competitors.

2. Select Target-rich Platforms
Find the platform that the target audience uses.  The data will be richer and more accurate.

3. Identify the Appropriate Keywords and Phrases
Use the proper lingo!  Not everyone uses tech-speak or proper terms.  The Google Adwords Keyword Tool provides a good way to find frequently used search terms.

4. Restrict or Widen the Search
Boolean operators like AND, OR and NOT can be used in a search query to modify the results.

5. Adjust Searches
If a brand or company is new, a marketer can still find valuable information by searching its competitors or even by searching its target audience.  In addition, B2B companies will have little-to-no presence on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, but might be on LinkedIn.

Finding the source is just part of it.  Tools such as Google Alerts and RSS can help a follower monitor the appropriate sources.

Chelsea Varney says in this post on Brandwatch:
Measuring what is happening on your social networks isn’t always about measuring the big numbers.

Sometimes it’s the engagement on a particular post which can be the most precious piece of information.

If you have a small but active fanbase on Facebook, then your profile is arguably far better than that of a big brand with millions of likes yet receives little interactions on their posts.

One million silent, uninterested followers is no better than none at all.




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