“Tinder” Lovin’ and Marketing: Location-Based Social Networks

First comes love. Then comes Marriage. Then comes… Tinder? And a marketing strategy… carriage… thing.

…Hold the phone!

But it’s true. With the evolution of location based marketing, more and more mobile applications are being used by marketers to engage with their public.  While Foursquare and Facebook are generally at the forefront of this strategy, there have been some new social media applications showin’ some love in the marketing arena.

Puns. Ten points for me.

So. Traditionally, location-based marketing is used by businesses to offer discounts or different promotions by asking publics to engage in the company’s social media. This can be done through checking in or liking a photo. In comes modern day, social media generation gurus who are apparently lookin’ for love in all the cyber places…

…That sounded worse than I had intended.

I digress. Ahem! With this emergence of this love-sick-sappy crew comes the application Tinder.

Basically, Tinder allows for you to create a profile that has up to five photos, your first name, your age, and a tiny tagline. Most importantly: It uses your location to connect you with others in that same area.

I would tie this all together for you, but my good friend Ankur Nagpal does a mighty fine job of doing it already in this article.

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