Branded Mobile Social Networks

A branded social network is a social network created by and for a specific brand. They are typically delivered through applications on a mobile device. Users can connect with each other in some way that leads back to the brand.

Some examples:

Children with Diabetes- This is an online community which allows parents and children to connect with other families with the same type of disease. There is an online newsletter, FAQs, private chat rooms, and discussion forums for specific topics. (Book does not say brand that created this, some sort of pharmaceutical company)

SitOrSquat- This is an app created by Charmin. This app allows users to add, find, and rate nearby restrooms. Image


These type of social networks can be difficult to create. They must have a strong value incentive for the user to create yet another social media account. Before you decide to create one for your brand determine the pros and cons of using an already existing social network for marketing your brand. Some companies use their Facebook or Twitter to direct consumers to their app. It all depend on what is best for your company.

Jordan Rafferty

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