@Teedubya’s Social News Site Story

A social news site is a website that gives the power of content to its users. While these sites act primarily as places where one can go and share opinions, they also provide a bit of exposure to those expressing them.

One of the most popular social news sites in the status quo is Reddit. Reddit allows its users to post links to web content on its site, and allows for users to network unique ideas and opinions in doing so.

While Reddit is important for simply sharing opinions, Reddit , like other social news sites, can have a large impact on the nature of the opinions posted as well. Take for example, Travis Wright, a social media analyst that utilized Reddit and was able to change how the Chiefs football publicist handled the team’s social media.

After being blocked from the Chief’s twitter page for posting a comment about his unhappiness with the team’s financial issue, Wright turned to Reddit to express his opinion. Shortly after, his opinion was picked up by major media outlets, and his distaste for the Chief’s poor communication tactic was heavily broadcast throughout the entirety of the web.

His story begins here….

Mariah Suddarth

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