Behold! The Power of the Almighty Twitter

posted by: Amanda

This 2009, 248-page, 14-chapter tutorial written by Joel Comm teaches business owners how to use Twitter to network, build a community around their services and to use tweets for viral marketing.

Today, in 2014, a lot of the information might seem redundant to some (such as basic information about setting up an account and defining terms) but it is packed full of tips and tricks from which any Twitter-account-holder could benefit (such as ways to make money and using third-party tools).

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In the introduction, Comm says:
That's what Joel Comm said!In Chapter 5: The Art of the Tweet, six tweet styles are discussed.

1. Classic Tweets: “This is what I’m doing now.”

  • Generally informative, one-way communication
  • Used more by personal accounts than by professional accounts because minimal discussion can come from it.

2. Opinion Tweets: “This is what I’m thinking now.”
If you’re marketing a corporate brand rather than a personal brand, it might be a good idea to keep the opinions focused on topics that affect your industry.  People without opinions look impersonal; companies without opinions look impartial

3. Mission accomplished Tweets: “This is what I’ve just done.”
Few things can start a discussion faster than saying something that you know lots of other people feel strongly about.  Telling people what you’ve just done can have the same effect.  These kinds of tweets look like broadcasts.

4. Entertainment Tweets: “I’m making you laugh now.”
If you can come up with tweets that are fun and entertaining to read, as well as being genuinely helpful, then you’ll never struggle to find followers

5. Question Tweets: ” Can you help me do something now?”
One very easy way to turn your followers from readers into contributors is to ask a question.  Twitterers do this often, tossing out requests for help from anyone in their follower list who might have some good advice.  Often, the questions will be very simple. Sometimes, they can be fairly complex and demand expert help from people with specialized knowledge. But questions don’t just have to be requests for information.  They can also be discussion starter

6. Picture Tweets: “Look at what I’ve been doing.”
Show people what you’ve been doing rather than tell them in 140 characters and create new discussion points.

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