Marketing with Social Media


Okay, so with as many social media outlets as there are these days (the above picture is outdated, but I like it) it is hard to determine which ones are best for your company or organization to use as a marketing tool. I believe you should utilize as many as possible, though. For some companies certain social media outlets would not be useful for them. Here are descriptions of the most popular social media outlets (as of right now) and how they are useful for marketing to help you determine which ones to use:


The ever so popular Facebook:
With Facebook you will create a fan page for your customers to “like’ so they can follow you. Facebook is conversation based. When you post a status or picture and someone comments on it, you should try to reply back. Facebook is a place people go to relax and chat with friends. You should keep your organization’s tone light and friendly.


I, personally, haven’t gotten into Google+ yet. I love Google, G-Mail is amazing, so I feel like I really need to experiment with this. It is very similar to Facebook, it’s a casual atmosphere and you share photos, videos, etc. With Google+, you can break up your followers into groups and share updates with certain groups, which is pretty neat. That’s a nice marketing tool because you can create some sort of “Super-Fan” group and share exclusive offers with them. Google+ has a Hangout feature (video conferences) so your company could do some sort of how-to chat, or chats with CEOs, etc.


I love Twitter. It’s great for organizations because you can constantly keep your audience updated on what’s going on. You can post news about your organizations, specials or discounts going on, etc. You create hashtags to get your organization trending. When someone says something positive and tags you or uses your hashtag, be sure to favorite or retweet it and when someone has something negative to say or asks a question try to respond as quickly as possible!


LinkedIn is a professional social media site. You can find great future employees on here, so you definitely want to utilize it. Customers and clients can give your organization recommendations on your profile and they can post questions, so be sure to answer to stay connected with your audience.


Instagram is a photo/video sharing outlet that allows your audience to follow you and like your pictures. You can share videos like “A day in the life of a Taco Bell worker” if your company is Taco Bell (probably something more interesting than that, I just ate T-Bell and it’s on my mind, but you get the point). You can share pictures of new merchandise or what’s going on in the office today, etc. Instagram uses hashtags like Twitter (and now Facebook<<< #notokay) There are many different things you can post. Instagram just keeps getting more and more popular, so it’s definitely something worth getting into now.


WE CAN’T FORGET YOUTUBE! Just like the description says, YouTube is for broadcasting yourself. You can create a channel for your company with how-to videos, or funny videos, or whatever fits your company best!

Vine is a video sharing app that allows you to upload short 6 or 7 second videos and use hashtags. Vine has been a great marketing tool for companies like Lowe’s that have really utilized it.

If you visit you can find a few more descriptions of sites like FourSquare and Reddit.

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