Creating Appealing Video Content

Video sharing is one of the most popular social mediums. When I was younger I used to get on YouTube all the time, and then I stopped for awhile, and now it’s becoming even more popular. When Vine came a long I started creating my own videos. People are becoming famous because of videos they’ve shared. The reason why is because they are creating appealing videos. You, too, could become famous if you create appealing videos and here are a few tips to help you do so:


You want to use real people in actual locations. If you were to get a professional videographer and staged the video people would be skeptical of it. Most videos that go viral are filmed with a webcam. An example would be Justin Bieber’s videos he first posted in YouTube. Him and his friends recorded them and they went viral. Now look at him. (Even though he went crazy)


Nobody wants to watch a boring video. If they are bored within the first 10 seconds of a video 10.39% of viewers are gone. You need to be entertaining throughout the whole thing. One the one minute mark of a video hits 53.56% of viewers are gone, so just be FUN!!

3) Design Videos with a Goal in Mind

Before you make your video you need to create a goal that you want your video to do. Keep these things in mind:

  • The emotions you want to evoke and why (fear, excitement, and greed are a few that work especially well)
  • The target buyer personas to which the video will appeal
  • The actions you want your leads to take based on the content they consume

For more tips and examples visit

The most important thing to remember is just to be fun and creative!

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