Mama said, “Share!”

by: Amanda

We have all been there.
At 9:30 on a Friday night, you find yourself clicking on a video link that one of your Facebook friends have posted.  You watch it.  You might like it; you might not.  Then it happens.  You get sucked into the time warp that is YouTube.  Before you know it, 62 videos later, it is 3:00am and you have wasted your entire evening staring at your screen.
Clicking.  Watching.  Clicking.  Watching.  Clicking.  Watching.  *Blinking optional.

Videos shared online have three stages through which they can go.

PRIMARY               SECONDARY               TERTIARY

The Primary Stage
This occurs when the video creator simply posts the work online.  YouTube is probably the best.

The Secondary Stage
This occurs when fans, friends and customers begin spreading the video within their own social circles.
share_this_icon These people already have some sort of relationship with the creator.
I’m sure we are all familiar with this little icon (left).  This stage is the most crucial.  According to our textbook, the majority of online videos that fail to spread within the first 48 hours never become popular.

The Tertiary Stage
This occurs when the video is shared and spread across the Web by people who likely do not know or have a direct connection with the creator.  In this stage, video becomes viral.
Here is a list of The 20 Best Viral Videos of All Time by


I do not know that I have a favorite viral video, but The Gregory Brothers are definitely high on my list.  They are responsible for the Songify the News / AutoTune the News videos.





Just a few of my faves:
Backin-Up-Song Bed-Intruder cant-hug-every-cat1




According to this blog post by Sue Rostvold, this is the world’s first viral video.

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