Why Use Podcasting as a Marketing Tool

Most of you, including me, have never thought about podcasting. It seems like a pretty cool idea, right? But what’s the point? Well, as it turns out, podcasting can be a great marketing tool.

Podcasting is easier than blogging because you don’t have to worry about how you are wording everything or if you are spelling right. It would be wise to keep a written outline of talking points close by though.

Podcasting requires less editing than blogs do. When writing blogs it is wise to read over them a few times to catch all of your mistakes. A podcast does not have to be perfect, slip ups can make it more interesting. The only reason you would need to edit your podcast would be if something was revealed that was not supposed to be.

Podcasts create content that is easy to reuse. Whatever you talk about in your podcast can be used in Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can also post links to your podcast on social media so people can listen to them whenever they want, if they can’t listen to them live.

Podcasts are engaging. While you are airing your podcast people can call in, tweet at you, etc. and you can interact with your audience.

There are a few simple tips to use when podcasting as a marketing tool:

  • Set a regular time for your podcast.
  • Promote your podcasts early and often.
  • Keep your podcast to an hour or less.
  • Don’t use your podcast to sell.
  • Don’t make your podcast all about you.

If you just keep all of this in mind when creating a podcast then you should be successful. It will give your company an edge against competitors who stick to basic social media. For more in-depth tips on podcasting visit: http://repcapitalmedia.com/live-from-ifa2013-podcasting-as-a-marketing-tool-and-franchise-development-tactic/

Jordan Rafferty

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