How to Cast Your Pod

Posted by: Amanda

For roughly ten years, podcasts have been a “thing”.  Prior to that, not so much.  People desire information and entertainment to be available on demand, commercial-free and anywhere.  Podcasts are a perfect fit in that they allow the listener to download the audio file and listen whenever he or she wants.  Well, that is great for the consumer but how does one start producing their own?

Prior to doing a little bit of research, my response to that question would have included a shrug of the shoulders and a blank stare.  I had never considered it.  As it turns out, it is pretty simple and just about anybody can become a podcaster themselves.

In this post from Social Media Today, writer Philip Cohen gives five basic steps for producing a business podcast:

1Get the right equipment

Quality equipment = quality podcast
You need a portable recorder, editing software, a publishing host(such as Libsyn) and a feed (such as FeedBlitz).


Choose a hosting service

Shop for a service with flexibility and customization.
* This step is only for those who do not already have their own website or those whose web hosting does not have sufficient broadband support.

Start a blog

You’ll want to supply your users a place to get your notes from the podcast. Here you can post links to articles and websites you discuss during the podcasts. This also establishes you as an industry expert, which helps drive even more traffic. Some readers will stumble across your blog, even if they aren’t looking for a podcast.

Establish an RSS feed

The feed is how your users will subscribe to your podcast and view them as they become available. Here is a list of free feed readers.

Submit the podcast

You’ll want to make your podcast available on iTunes and in other app stores.  You’ll also want to do your own marketing through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networking and media sites.

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