So, who am I even writing this blog for?

Now that you have created a blog it’s time to determine your target audience! The definition of a target audience is “a group of consumers a company has decided to organize its marketing strategies to reach with their message.” Not all of you created a blog for a company, but it is still the same thing, you are trying to reach certain people with your message.

The best way to define your target audience is through personas (these simplify the sudience into groups.) A persona definition typically includes:

a) Demographics of the Persona- this is basically just average age, gender, education level, level of Internet expertise, spending habits, etc.

b) Constraints- this consists of technological limitations, like the type of Internet connection, a language barrier, vision impairment, etc.

c) Needs and Wants- you need to ask yourself what challenges the persona is facing and what solutions you can offer them that will turn them into a real-life customer.

KNOW WHAT MOTIVATES YOUR AUDIENCE!! You need to find out as much as you can about your target audience so you can meet their wants and needs in your blog- that is what is going to bring them to read it. If your blog isn’t catering to them, they won’t care.

Like it says on you can’t please everyone all the time. Having a target audience helps you to narrow down the number of people you have to cater your message towards, making it easier to have a clear message.

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