Want to Start Blogging? Here Are Some Helpful Tips:

Okay, so you read blogs and you’ve always been interested in creating your own, but you don’t really know how to create a successful blog. Am I correct? Well, if I am then here are a few helpful tips to creating a successful blog:

1) Use Catchy Headlines 

If you have a boring headline, then chances are that not very many people are going to read your post. You want to capture people’s attention while keeping the title simple. Try using the SPUB method: simple, powerful, useful, and bold. You also want to include keywords in your title so that search engines will pick them up. Be creative with your title, but also make sure it goes along with the context of your blog.


2) Update Frequently

It is very important to be consistent when blogging. It is easier to lose traffic to your blog than it is to build it up. This chart shows that businesses who blog frequently gained more subscribers than those who don’t:


3) Keep Posts Focused

When you are writing a blog post, stick to one topic. Don’t try to cram three or four in there, that’s too confusing. People read the post because of the headline, so they are interested in that topic, so stick to specifically that topic.

4) Invite Comments/Get Your Readers Involved

It’s a good idea to interact with your audience. If you just end your blog with some type of question, or leave it open for comments, then you can get your reader’s feedback. On one blog site a reader left this comment:


the blogger listened to the feedback and posted this to satisfy his readers:


5) Promote the Blog

It is hard to create blog that is seen by a large audience, but there are blog listing services that can help, like Technorati. Technorati is a search engine that specifically searches for blogs. You can also look at popular blogs to see what type of blog communities they are in and get involved as well.

6) Engage With Others

Go to blogs similar to yours and make comments. By interacting with their readers, it makes them interested in you. You want to create relationships with readers and with other bloggers. If you offer them a helpful tip, they might do the same for you.

7) Avoid Negativity 

When writing your blog try to stray away from negative comments about other people, companies, etc. Negativity draws the attention of  the wrong type of audience and could potentially ruin your blog. You could even get involved in a lawsuit. So basically just stay away from it.

8) Stand by the Content

We have all read stories about blog posts causing controversy, and you may experience that yourself. There is always something that is going to offend someone. But don’t delete your post, chances are someone has already screenshot it anyways. Once something is online, there is no taking it down. You could make revisions to the post and explain why you made those specific revisions.

9) Cross Promote

Use other social media channels to promote your blog. You can post a link on Twitter or Facebook so you can expand your audience. I have a friend who puts links to all of her blogs on Facebook and I don’t read every one, but sometimes I am curious enough to read it, IT WORKS PEOPLE!!

Here is the link where I got my images and whole idea for this blog:http://blog.bufferapp.com/blogging-advice-for-beginners-from-16-experts

I used the tips that came out of the book, but reinforced those tips with some ideas from this link. There are many other helpful tips so click on the link and check it out!

Happy Blogging!

-Jordan Rafferty

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